QUICK GUIDE: 5 Tips on How To Improve Your Product Pages

Today I will talk about tips on how to improve your product pages that can 2x, even 3x your add-to-cart rate.

For some, these tips are a sure thing. For many, these tips might be extremely useful.

Did you know that 55% of e-commerce visitors bounce from your store?

After having audited 50+ E-commerce websites in my career, I’ve noticed that many of them have a well-designed homepage, but weak product pages. Or in the worst case, a weak homepage and weak product pages.

Well-done product page

5 quick tips to improve your product pages:


product reviews
Social proof will help you establish your store in the market.

Social Proof. People love to see what other people say. This is true for every aspect of life. Girls, food, entertainment, and it sure applies to E-commerce.

Add reviews. And when you do, don’t just take them from other websites. Motivate your customers to leave a review (and preferably images too).

Include a Headline

headline apple watch 768x490 1
Apple is a prime example of why focusing on the improved lifestyle of customers works.

The headline is the most essential aspect of your product page. Over 80% of people only read headlines.

If the first line of your writing sucks, what does that say about the rest?

Make a good headline. It should either be your best benefit, a pain point, or a bold claim.

Make it big, make it bold, and use it to draw the reader into the rest of your product page.

Compress Your Images

Did you know that every second you decrease your load speed, you increase your conversion rate by 2%?

The crazy thing is that people don’t compress their images. So use one of the image compressors, drop your image in there, and make it lightweight.

Lifestyle Photos

Using lifestyle photos as the first image on your product page is extremely powerful because it helps the customer imagine themselves using it.

Preferably, you’d use someone who is similar to your target audience.

Benefits Sell, Features Tell

product benefits1
“Little Moments. Big Memories.” sounds better than “shop blankets with hoodies”

Nobody cares if your product can last for 24 hours without a charge, or is made with highly durable materials, waterproof, and super high quality. Your customers don’t care about that.

You should sell the improved lifestyle that your product brings.

“iPhone 9 waterproof phone case” vs “Enjoy a worry-free day at the beach”

“High-quality durable posture corrector” vs “Walk with confidence”

Which one sounds better?

Thanks for reading! Hopefully, these quick tips on how to improve your product pages have inspired you to optimize and build high-converting e-com pages.

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